Senior Contemporary Solo

Senior Contemporary Solo

Junior Contemporary Group

Senior Contemporary Solo

Senior Contemporary Solo

Senior Ballet Solo

Contemporary Class
A little video to show prospective costumers when asked what contemporary dance is

Jigsaw Youth Dance Company working out of Salisbury Arts Centre on their entry for UDance this year

Good Night, Sleep Tight
This is a small video from my thesis final performance on dreaming and brain processes

Such Savage Beauty
Presenting the inelegance of animal instincts and what the body can accomplish when not confined by the restraints of a ‘real job’.

Brockenhurst Dance Promo
I have spent a few months working with the A Level Dance company and have complied a short video of their rehearsals and choreography.

This video is one in a five part series on how and why we physically respond to human emotions. Dancer is Charlotte Bellotti.

Transcending Heaven
A film I made when I had some left over footage from our first weekend on the MA course.
Dancers are Alan Frank, Rhiannon Taylor and me.

Girls Who Read
Here is a film I made as part of my MA Dance Course. I was working mixing between moving and locked off camera shots. There are a few different versions of this now but this one is my favourite.

BA Hons Dance Dissertation
This was a project I worked on for my dissertation. I made four different films to perfectly sync up with four different music tracks and you could pick which sound you listened to at what time

alienZoo Promo Video
This was working on a project with alienZoo and GoRhino!2013 in Southampton. We traveled around the town taking interesting photos with the different landmarked Rhinos that where placed around and I documented the event to try and advertise the project.

This was a piece created by me and some friends during our BA Hons Dance Degree. Connie Drurey, Mel Hunter and Rhiannon Jones.

Corin Harrison
A talented young dancer who was interested in being filmed to help me out with my editing skills. I wanted to work on cutting between the different shots within the same movement which is obvious when watching this film as there is a lot of zooming and shifting.